If you require a pro-active or reactive investigation about cyber crime within your company or personal, we are forensic experts and can provide with informed assistance. Investigations deal with volatile and dynamic information.

We provide a safe private service for individuals or companies that have a need to identify the source of any suspicious usage or activity over the internet or in their network. (Such as routing the source of an email, a hacking attempt, stolen/missing data etc.)

What is internet forensics?

Internet Forensics uses the combination of advanced computing techniques and human intuition to uncover clues about people and computers involved in Internet crime, most notably fraud and identity theft.

All those who own websites, store vital information online or transact over the internet are always under constant threat of falling victims of internet attack. Internet forensic is therefore very important in making the internet a safe platform of transacting.

Email Forensics

Studying the source and content of electronic mail as evidence, identifying the actual sender and recipient of a message and the physical location from which it was sent through e-mail routing, as well as finding out the date/time etc. Another part of email forensics is the investigation of lost emails, i.e. at what point was an email interrupted on it's route (blacklisting, spam filters etc.)

Web Forensics

Web forensics is mainly used to analyze things like browsing history and general web activity of a PC to check for suspicious usage or content that has been accessed. Web forensics also refers to the monitoring of traffic on a webpage (i.e. how many people have visited, how long they visited for.) to help judge how effective your web presence is.

Network Forensics

Network forensics is concerned with the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic, both local and WAN/internet, for the purposes of information gathering. Used for prevention/monitoring of unauthorized access to a network

Our primary consultant Alan Levin has 15 years of Internet systems and policy experience. He is a computer scientist (BSc Comp Sci, MBA) and chairman of the Internet Society of South Africa 2006-2008 2009-2011.

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Why has internet forensics become so prevalent?

Internet forensics has become an important part of safe and secure internet usage and an integral part of criminal investigation, where money transfers and communication between parties can provide evidence, especially in white-collar crime.

Internet forensic consultants can use their expertise to monitor the activities in which employees engage while logged onto the company's network, this is especially important if there are employee's who have access to information the company would consider as volatile or sensitive.

As the internet is growing exponentially, with more people using it every day, there are more people at risk, and more people looking to take advantage of others web insecurity. The need to protect your internet presence has necessitated the emergence and emphasized the importance of internet forensics.